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"10/10. Pose great, direction great, hair great, easy, awesome.1000% recommend."


"She is absolutely amazing she knew her poses I really didn’t have to give any direction I told her what I wanted and she knew her angles and her outfits are always on point her make up and hair were really great there she was amazing and she is very easy to work with & her personality is great and I can’t wait to work with her again if you’re looking into working with her I highly recommend shooting with her she is a fabulous model/business woman to work with"


"Cici is an amazing and talented model. She is very friendly, personable, funny and brings the fire to the set each time. She has expertise when it comes to poses, outfits, and makeup, but will also listen to your ideas. She will bring her experience and work with you to achieve your vision. The final products from our shoots were nothing less than spectacular. One of our works was proudly published in Penthouse. I had a great pleasure, and more importantly, fun working with Cici. I will be looking forward to more future projects together."


"Cici is easy to work with. She's able to follow the directions when it comes to poses (as long as the pose is possible and would not put her in danger, obviously). She's able to make the shoot easy for everyone, as she is cooperative. As long as you ask specific questions, don't burn her out, or shoot longer than necessary (as what every photog or videog should do!!!) you will have a great time shooting with her! 10/10, no ass-kissing intended"


If you enjoyed our shoot, let me know!

Thank you! Hope we shoot again!

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"I have been on the photography I have worked with Cici for about 3 years. From our first time working together she’s always been very professional, punctual, and responsible. She has lots of experience as a model, her posing skills are the best, every photo is different pose from the next one. She’s always very easy to work with. She also has a positive, fun, joyful attitude. She’s always taking lots of BTS from our work to promote in social media. If you are thinking to work with her (just do it) I 💯 recommend her all in. SHE IS THE BEST!"


“Cici was great to work with. She was very professional and really knows her angles. She was also open to new ideas and has a very fun personality. Her long hair also gave her a unique look and vibe. I would recommend anyone to shoot with her who is looking for someone bright and easygoing.”

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